These policies apply to the following hotels within the Hoteles Bogotá Plaza S.A. chain: Bogotá Plaza Hotel and Plaza Suites.

Below, you'll find the guidelines and regulations for pet stays at our hotels:

  1. Pet type:Hoteles Bogotá Plaza S.A.only accepts the following pets: dogs and cats.
  2. Breed: Hoteles Bogotá Plaza S.A.reserves the right to admission for large, medium, or breeds considered highly dangerous according to Colombian Legislation (Law 74 of 2002), such as American Staffordshire Terrier, Bullmastiff, Doberman, Dogo Argentino, Dogo de Burdeos, Fila Brasilero, Mastín Napolitano, Pit Bull Terrier, De Presa Canario, Rottweiler, Staffordshire Terrier, Tosa Japonés, among others.
  3. Maximum pet height (at shoulder level on all fours): pets must not exceed a maximum height of 61 centimeters at shoulder level when standing on all fours.
  4. Quantity: only one (1) pet per room is allowed.
  5. Fee: the nightly fee for each pet at Bogotá Plaza Hotel and Plaza Suites is $60.000 + VAT. This fee also applies to emotional support animals.
  6. Bookings: pet reservations can be made through email at or by calling the reception numbers for each hotel. You can find the telephone numbers on each hotel's website.
  7. Control and pet transportation: pets must be accompanied by an adult and always be on a leash or in a transport bag.
  8. Restricted areas: pets are not allowed in any service or public areas of the hotel, such as event halls, restaurant, bar, Business Center, spa, and exercise room, except in cases where the pet is a guide or assistance animal. If the pet is a guide or assistance animal, it can accompany its owner at all times during their stay at the hotel.
  9. In the room: if the pet is left alone in the room for any reason, please notify the reception to coordinate the room cleaning time and use the "do not disturb" sign to prevent hotel staff from entering the room. Additionally, during room cleaning or any other service within the room, a responsible adult must be present at all times.
  10. Health policy: pets must comply with health regulations required by law and present their current vaccination card in physical form.
  11. Disturbance Policy: guests are responsible for their pet's behavior and noise, ensuring it does not disrupt or disturb the tranquility of other guests. If the hotel determines that the pet is affecting the experience of other guests, the hotel may, at its absolute discretion, request that the pet be accommodated outside the hotel.
  12. Responsibility: guests with pets assume full responsibility for any damage to property, personal injuries, or disturbances caused by their pets during their stay. This includes the replacement of damaged furniture or belongings, as well as the costs of repair and cleaning. Guests must properly dispose of their pet's waste. By accepting these conditions, guests release the hotel, its managers, owners, operators, and collaborators from any liability for damage or inconvenience arising from their pet.